In this short visual novel you play the role of Jay, a teenager whose insecurity and anxiety don't let him be himself. Can you make him change his own fate?

And yes, you play it using only one button (use click or tap), and no mouse position is taken so, dont try to click the buttons on the screen!

If after one restart you can't figure out how to change your decisions on the second round, click here: (we know it should be clearer).

This game is one of our first tries at jams and all this stuff! It was drawn by Krathya and coded by me, with a lot of exceptional help from Syfole and SolomonkJr, that did most, if not all, of the script.


StatusIn development
Made withPhaser
Tagsone-button, onebuttonjam
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone

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